About Us


Right from your home, smartphone, or tablet. CasinoTV is an online gaming experience featuring live games.

CasinoTV isn’t just an online gaming company—we’re a real live casino in the online gaming business. When you’re at our tables, you’ll enjoy the same high standards, excellent service and peace of mind as you would while playing in a luxury VIP Casino.

Less risk and more fun. Risking more than you can tolerate losing is no way to enjoy yourself. So we’ve made it easy for you to set personal limits that will ensure you get maximum enjoyment. Our web-based software allows you to easily pre-set your own maximum deposits on any given week. Then you can feel free to sit back and enjoy the games, knowing you’re managing your risk optimally and responsibly.

We also offer Jackpot Games and Bonuses for maximum excitement and value. Our special Bonuses will let you get even more play for your money.